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Delhi Police, Interstate Co-ordination Meeting 26.06.2019

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An interstate co-ordination meeting was held in Delhi at the initiative of Delhi Police, aimed to share intelligence & inputs about criminal gangs and their designs as also for strengthening cooperation and co-ordination in taking action against manufacturing, supply and sale of firearms, liquor and drug-trafficking.

Senior officers of Delhi Police including Spl. CP, Crime and Joint CsP Ranges & Spl. Cell and their counter parts Sh. K.K. Rao, IGP/STF, Haryana, Sh. Ajitabh Kumar, IG/CID, Bihar, Sh. Gurmeet Singh Chauhan & Sh. Prit Pal Singh, AIG/OCCU & STF, Punjab, Sh. Satyarth A Pankaj, SSP/STF, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Shantnu Kumar Singh, SP/ATS & Ms. Pooja Awana, DCP/Metro Jaipur, Rajasthan, Ms. A. Vijya Laxmi, SP/ATS, Jharkhand and Shri D.S. Bhadaria, CO/SAF, Madhya Pradesh attended the meeting. It was decided upon to take joint action against interstate criminals by sharing of information of their activities help each other for keeping surveillance over the interstate criminals involved in trafficking of drugs and proliferation of fire arms.  The officers stressed upon exchanging information in advance at senior level in sensitive matters to make the operations successful.

It was decided to conduct integrated checking on a regular basis with a focus particularly on criminals moving around with firearms, sharing and collection of intelligence about active criminals, criminal released on parole, placement of pickets/barriers, deployment of maximum staff with weapons and necessary equipment, identifying the persons involved in selling of drugs/illicit liquor and fire arms in their areas and taking appropriate legal action against them, including action under MCOCA or other preventive section of laws to keep them behind the bars for a longer time.

In order to keep a tab on interstate auto lifters disposing off stolen vehicles in North-Eastern States and J&K areas, members were apprised about the utility of ZIPNET data bank and FRS for searching background online details of criminals. CYPAD Utility created by Delhi Police was offered to other state officers for cyber crimes any state can seek help for investigation of Cyber Crime.

The meeting ended with a resolution to augment co-ordination in policing in the NCR, and to have one to one interaction at all levels and units for effective action against crime, firearms and drug-trafficking. All officers were also briefed to share advance intelligence having interstate ramifications on crime and law & order.

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