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KiteTalks extends global appeal with second online summit on 4th/5th/6th June 2020

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Adding to the international speaker cohort this year, the organisation launched its podcast in April and continues its effort to curate learnings and understanding of best practices and case studies from the sports business industry across the world. Given the current scenario, an offline conference looks more likely next year though using its global reach, the online content is now accessible to users outside India as well.

The event is designed to enhance cross-pollination of ideas and insights between game-changers from the sports community in India and across the globe.

The sports industry audience includes corporate leaders, sports business veterans, technology enthusiasts, sporting stars, researchers, post-graduate students, media personnel and social entrepreneurs.

Speaker Organisations

Over 30 sports business experts representing global organisations able to deliver perspectives and stories at the intersection of sports, business, technology, grassroots, leadership, community, media, education and culture.

To name a few, Ted Shaker (13-time Emmy Winning Producer), Arnaud Drijard (Co-Founder & CEO, Global Sports Week), Rushdee Warley (CEO, Inspire Institute of Sport), Martin Cockburn (Founding Partner, MCA Sports Law), David Meltzer (Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing), Ishveen Anand (Founder & CEO, OpenSponsorship), Hervé Andre-Benoit (CEO, Hurricane Group) and Joy Bhattacharjya (Former Project Director, FIFA U-17 World Cup).

KiteTalks Early Access

“KiteTalks has been setup to enable sports professionals to experience focussed and curated content as well as learnings from global game-changers.

Apart from instilling confidence and sharing knowledge, the community will be equipped to work with a ‘Big Goal’ mindset and international perspective. Something much needed in the times we are facing now.

Aimed at creating an interactive platform both online and offline, we are glad to announce Edition Two of our Online #SportsBiz Summit on 4th/5th/6th June 2020.” Arup Soans (CEO, KiteTalks).

Information regarding speakers, podcast platforms as well as the upcoming online #sportsbiz summit can be found on KiteTalks.com.

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