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The world has been hit by the deadly pandemic CORONOVIRUS, and amidst the safety measures and other precautions, the country has been on a lockdown since 25 March 2020.

New Delhi : As the time and the virus made its own progression, the economy has been badly impacted,and with the unlock, slowly all different rules were eased to open up and start the work.However, the one industry that has been totally ignored by the government and everyone, has been the GYM INDUSTRY. The otherwise unorganized fitness and gym industry has come forth to stand together and express its concerns to the government. Formation of DGA is a constructive step in this direction

Jinnie Gogia Chugh, an international athlete and fitness writer, is a renowned name in the industry. She is the editor of the very popular FITNESSGURU magazine, and is a columnist as well. A commonwealth gold medalist in powerlifting, she’s the key brand ambassador of UNIVERSAL SPORTS NUTRITION, and has been associated with the Fitindia campaign. CMD of FINERGY SERVE PVT LTD, she has been doing considerable work in the industry. With her passion and inclination towards fitness, she has had many accolades and is a well-known woman achiever.

A revolution of sorts started where everyone from the industry stood together and united in their solidarity towards SAVING THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. While there were many a talks, suggestions, and a presence in the digital world through posts on Instagram, facebook, webinars and insta live sessions,what was needed was not merely talks, but a much more comprehensive step. The formation of a few federations and associations was a constructive step in this direction.

DELHI GYM ASSOCIATION, has been formed with some of the renowned people from the industry, who have taken upon themselves to put across the concerns to the right people in the government and the ministry. DGA has had a discussion with its members and they approached the government and met Honorable  minister), Shri Manish Sisodia (Hony Deputy CM), Shri Gopal Rai (HonyLabour& Employment minister), Shri Aadesh Gupta, ( Delhi BJP President)to request for the opening of the gyms.

There are 1 lac 25 thousand gyms, both big and smallIndian Brand of Health Clubs that have been operating in the country.Delhi alone boosts of almost 5500 gyms. The economic dependency of lacs of people is on the GYM.There are a number of occupations that are linked directly and indirectly to the gyms- Gym owners,Trainers,Equipment Dealers, Athletes, fitness models, sports and nutrition brands and Nutritionists and so on.There has been utter despair amongst the community, as there was no step being taken towards this. There seemed no hope till now, and many people were left with no options to make their ends meet. This even led to the suicides of 6 people from the industry. Shouldn’t we be given the earning opportunity atleast, was the underlying question that everyone had.

No doubt SAFETY is the prime importance for everyone, and the value of human life is paramount,above anything else.But isn’t GYM – a place to BUILD HEALTH- HEALTH AND IMMUNITY come from fitness, and this is a place to be given all the more importance when we realise that its importance.

DGA has come up with SOP’S and has also put across issues as GST and other valid points to the ministry. Under the able leadership of Shri BHUPENDRA SHARMA, President DGA, the association is working on totality, and not for merely a selective number of gyms. Says Sri Bhupendra Sharma “We are trying our best to reach out to the government and we shall adhere to all safety norms and regulations of social distancing. The industry should be open and working, and like all responsible citizens, we must put in our best too.” The sop’s clearly mention about the timings, number of people as per the area of the gym. Said Hon’ble member Shri Puneet SinghNindraji,General Secretary, DGA“We are ourselves much concerned about the safety, and shall ensure that this followed. Also, the gym owners are keen to put in much more working hours, and the clients shall be given proper appointments so as not create any crowd or violation of safety norms.”

We as an industry have immense growth and cater to many lacs of people. We understand and speak for ALL THE GYMS, be it a 700 sq ft enterprise, or a 20,000 sq ft. The salaries, jobs, running expenditure, everything is to be taken care of, and its really a tough task for small business owners. We are there to support everyone, and we stand united in this”, said Shri HARMEET LUTHRA, vice president, DGA.

The members of DGA, Ms Rita Jairath, Shri Bhupender Sharma, Shri Prateek Choudhary, Shri Harmeet Luthra, Shri Puneet Singh Nindra), Shri Chirag Sethi, Shri Sunil Taank, Shri Sunil Lochab, Shri Paras Gupta and others, had a Zoom meeting with Honble minister SRI Gopal Rai and they represented their case.

Likewise, In person Appointment Shri Bhupender Sharma, Shri Puneet Singh Nindra, Shri Prateek Choudhary has in person appointment about the grievances of gym industry with Delhi BJP President Shri Aadesh Gupta & General secretary Delhi BJP, Shri Kuljeet Singh Chahal, to submit plea in regards to gym opening, rental advisory, Electricity waivers, Gst relaxations to 5% slab and more issues regarding employment and social distancing norms in the gyms SOP/s

The state Governments and Central government have given an assurance to look into the matter, and definitely consider this as a priority.The most common question that everyone had here was on the opening of the travel sector.When a flight can be operated, with occupancy, then why not a gym? There have been many protests and demonstrations too, by various groups, and all have only one – PLEASE OPEN THE GYMS.

It is indeed appreciative that the efforts are being put in as a united community, to the right people. The otherwise unorganized sector of the fitness industry, has largely come under one umbrella, of an organized sector, with a representative body.


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