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According to the Vedanta-tradition, the subject matter and the essence of all Upanishads is the same, and all the Upanishadic Mahavakyas express this one universal message in the form of concise statements. In later Sanskrit usage, the term mahavakya came to mean “discourse”, and specifically, discourse on a philosophically lofty topic.

MahAvAkyas are not dissimilar to affirmations in a modern context. For example, if you are suffering from low self-esteem then you might say “there is the greatness hidden in me. ” or if you have problems with confidence you might say “I know I can be the best of the best “In this respect mahavakyas are inspirational and motivational statements to help you self-develop and become the person you desire to be .

  • Aham Brahma Asmi             I AM BRHMAN                  I AM SELF

The real identity of ‘I’ is Unoccupied Awareness. The state of SELF.

‘I’ is not a body, person, thought or not a sense.  ‘I’ is pure consciousness.  ‘I’ is the impersonal Seer which is the source of mental energy and guide of    and witness to transformation of mental energy as mental functions but unaffected by them and transcending both mental functions and their cessation.

“Even before the search begins, the Indian masters logically assert that we as individuals are just “part” of the universe. So naturally they ask “how can the part know the whole”. Even the definitions of the truth that is discovered are quite startling and enlightening. The quest for truth in fact begins with defining about “Truth”. The wisdom traditions of India, especially Vedanta defines Reality or Truth in the most rational way.” (Ref -Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research| February 2015 | Volume 6 | Issue 2 | pp. 70-79 Bhutkar, R.,Quantum Field of Consciousness & the Mind (Part I) ISSN: 2153-8212)

The assertions of truth suggest that there cannot be any God sitting in some heaven creating a universe. In the Upanishads the sages declare that Brahman–the truth is infinite being, infinite Consciousness, and infinite Bliss. Finally the seers proclaim that only by becoming the whole can one know the whole as we find in the Mundakya Upanishad that “Brahmavidbrahmaivabhavati” which means “The knower of the Brahman becomes the Brahman”. So the knower of truth becomes truth.  Hence the Guru is worshipped as God the Truth in the dharmic traditions. If anything, the Truth-Seekers in ancient India seemed to have gained an intimate personal experience of the ‘God principle’ rather than a ‘God particle’.” (Ramabrahmam, V, Being and Becoming: A Physics and Upanishadic awareness of time and thought process, LudusVitalis, International Journal of Philosophy of Life Sciences, Vol. XIII, Number 24, 2005, pp.139-152.)

Scientist of the past may not have been interested in the God particle but were certainly invested to know the truth or the God principle beyond the sphere of cause-and-effect. What if today’s scientists discover that the DNA of all livings beings has the same God principle which is the secret to the mystery of creation? I guess one would have to say “AhamBrahmAsmi” meaning ‘I am Brahman (GOD)’

  • Tat TvamAsi    THAT IS YOU      YOU ARE THE SELF

Self and Pure Consciousness’s are same in nature, content, structure, form (function) and presence. At a given moment either self-consciousness or pure consciousness will be present. Self-consciousness is super imposition over pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is continuous, self-consciousness is transient and transitory.

“AhmBrahmasmi” meaning “I am God” or another statement as “Tatvamasi” meaning “You are That”. In the first statement “I” refers to mind and “God” means consciousness; whereas in the second statement “You” represents mind and “That” represents consciousness.

Vedic scriptures say that the consciousness is eternal and so beyond infinity. It is such a principal entity of the universe that is beyond all the physical, quantum and spiritual world. When we identify our Self in the realm of physical world; the quantum in the brain hides our identity of being eternal and infinite. As soon as these quantum enter into the wave form, the conscious mind realizes that the consciousness is omnipresent and omnipotent. In the state of deep meditation or near death experience or out of body experience, the consciousness goes out of body momentarily overcoming the limitations of space-time. When these quantum reappear in their particle form, then such celestial experience disappears and the consciousness stabilizes in the material world.

Thus the scientists have now agreed that the memory is subtle and it can work irrespective of changes in the states of the quantum. The sensations being transmitted through various organs to the brain are analyzed by millions of neurons and this information in the form of quantum energy transforms into experiences. This means that we; as an essence of universe are consciousness and immortal in nature. Death belongs to body and mind but not to the consciousness. But due to the habit since millions of our past lives, we experience our consciousness through our body and mind. Therefore if our body becomes unconsciousness, then we experience that we were unconscious as such. But the scientists have found that even though our brain goes unconscious for some time, it responses as usual to all the artificial sensations given to it.” (Ramabrahmam, V., The Science of human consciousness, LudusVitalis, International Journal of Philosophy of Life Sciences, Vol. XV, Number 27, 2007, )

Traditionally in Hindu Dharma Mahavakyas convey the essential teaching of the Upanishads, namely, Reality is one, and the individual is essentially identical with it. As such they are used in meditation and contemplation.

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