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“Destiny is everything that makes tomorrow possible. Don’t let it stop you – tomorrow has not arrived yet!”- from ‘IT’S EASY TO BE YOU’

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 Olympic Mind Coach /Author of ‘IT’S EASY TO BE YOU’ – Radhika Kawlra Singh

The idea that something or someone will create a miracle that works to meet your needs and the road less taken will appear out of nowhere, is a fallacy. Each human mind is responsible to take itself forward to meet its goals, find success and feel right. The human mind is ninety per-cent sub-conscious: it picks up all the information it is exposed to and stores it for retrieval. It is your engagement with your choices that creates your tomorrow. Destiny just fits itself to include your experiential state.

Traditional psychology believes that it is the personality traits: your beliefs, motives and traits that will determine your behaviour and situational factors are simply irrelevant. On the other hand environmental psychology, confirms all contributing factors that infringe on the human from his physical ecology to his social ecology. The study of the subconscious mind, throws light on how the process of accumulating your life experiences unlocks your inner genius. It is the correct in-put that the mind receives that creates a correct trajectory.

The quotation above is a reminder that it is YOU that creates your tomorrow. The emphasis is first on how you perceive the information that is reaching you. Life as you witness it is a sum of what you have gathered from what you are allowing yourself to receive, internalize and the way in which you are responding to the information. I quote from It’s easy to be YOU – ‘Being you is certainly a gift. You remain a seeker moving through your journey using time, relationships, attachments, memories, success, failure, losses and a wealth of ideas, beliefs and perceptions.” It is the company you choose to keep and the relationships you create as a result, that guide and assimilate your sense of purpose and pave the way for the genius within you to surface through ordinary events in your life.

You are unwrapping the gift using all your senses, which only means you have to decide what kind of information you are opening up your senses to? What part of the information that is available and around you, should you remain sensitive to? If you are an activist or a journalist; you need to know what is happening in the world, if you are a doctor you wish to keenly be interested in the new pharmaceutical developments everywhere. Likewise, when you are looking to focus on what you need as information that makes you contribute to your self-development and your holistic contribution as a result of your evolution – you remain more sensitive to that kind of information. Your conscious mind receives and your subconscious mind absorbs infinite information. When you open yourself up to taking in too much data – it starts to interfere with how you think, behave and act.

You must first start to create your filters. This can happen in your daily routine; you may process what part of the information you received today is helpful for your tomorrow. You may reflect on unique aspects of the day. As a result you may come into the awareness of humanitarian principles of love of each other and of the environment and earth. This happens because you keep space to intuitively be guided to remain open to larger things that matter. Tomorrow awaits your genius interpretation of what will be required for your children and the children of your children. It simply is the ongoing daily thought cleansing routine, that will help you nurture the one big idea. This is because it is the one big idea that can work to influence many lives simultaneously. It is only then that you will be considered and known as a genius.

The ultimate cause of all dis-ease and dis-comfort is a sense of low self-worth, that allows you to nurture stress. The fight and flight response in your body triggers a series of chemical hormones that create a state of experiences where you tend to breath shallow, your heart beat increases, your blood pressure rises and amongst other things you feel nervous and not in control. In that state as you hit out to others, you also damage your own state of mind and being. This repetitive patterns becomes habitual and you are no longer able to connect with your goal or work to achieve any kind of success.

The task that you must regularly use is one that de-limits yourself. You do that by self-reflection. Self-reflection does not have to be meditative or analytical. Self-reflection can be an easy exercise. You create a routine of writing down, or thinking about or even feel all the things about your life that make you feel ‘not so good’, and then you imagine how you would feel in the absence of the energy of those things. When you use your imagination over and over again; you are replacing what you do not need with what you do need. Once that happens many times over the subconscious is already starting to look for reasons and ways in moving forward to meet your now active imagination. It is that simple. On the contrary when you dwell on what is coming in your way – the genius within you never shows up. The genius is buried within the layers of your programming. It shows up when your mind is clear and the information within you is aligned with your purpose.

To sum it up simply get out of your own way. Stay reflective on the choices you make and on the things that your mind remains in seeking of. Here is a Quotation from ‘IT’S EASY TO BE YOU’ “The greatest inventions are born of the mind that never stops trying. The question is have you eagerly tried to take up challenges, failed or felt disillusioned? How about regenerating magic?. Maybe you should as all magic is mystically connected to a trigger that lies within you!”

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