Monsoon Make-up Tips During Rainy Days

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Rain, when we hear this word it gives relaxation to the mind and heart. It refreshes us but also reminds us of the problems that women face during rainy days. Smudge make-up is one of the main problem of females in this season so this time use light and nude colours to look beautiful and different. Here are some make-up tips which are given by Komal Agarwal Founder of Brush n Blusher.

Monsoon Make-upTips:

1. On a daily basis wash your face twice with a mild face wash. Do the cleansing, toning and moisturizing at least once in a gap of 2 days.

2. In this changing weather, try to use waterproof and smudge free makeup.

3. If someone has oily or combination skinthen they can  use toner all over the face or rose water too.

4. Apply only thin eyeliner in monsoon, foreye shadows one can use pastel, pink, creamy colour shadows or nude shades.Make sure that blending should be perfect.

5. If you are bored with that usual blackcoal then monsoon is the best season to do experiment by applying colourful coal like blue, green etc.

6. For looking flawless, rain is not an obstacle anymore. It’s good time to use compact or any other powder base in place of creamy foundation.